Day One of God’s Creation – Part 1

When discussing the creation, two questions seemed to arise. Is the Bible literal? Alternatively, is the Bible allegorical? The answer is yes. Although the Bible is literal in its story, God also uses the creation story to reveal himself to his creations. It is fantastic that in both cases, the account creation in perfect harmony.

God begins of his creation by announcing that He is the creator of all things. He also reveals his triune nature from the beginning. He reveals himself as the face of the deep, (the Father), the Spirit of God, (the Holy Ghost), and the front of the waters, (the Son, Jesus Christ).

How can one Lord include three personalities? Although our limited minds cannot possibly comprehend all of God’s infinite attributes, we can know the qualities God has chosen to manifest to us through his holy word.

How can three personalities become one God?

Perhaps the best explanation can be given by looking at the part of the creation that God made according to his image, the man himself. (Genesis 1:26-27)

God created man as a triune creature. Man has a body, soul, and spirit. (Heb. 4:12-13, Genesis 2:7)

How do the body, soul, and spirit join in perfect unity?

The Father

Just as God makes man, a living soul-so God has a soul. (Isaiah 42:1) Father is the soul (or heart) of God. Although the Father is far more than we can know or think, the Lord has chosen to reveal his side to the man. The Father has God’s will. Just as our souls cannot be seen as well as the Father cannot be seen. (John 1:18, John 5:37)

It is the Father who was initiating the will of God. (John 5:30, John 12:50) It is the Father who started the love for his creation and humanity. (John 3:16, John 14:21)

Just as the Father declared himself “a deep face” in Genesis 1:2, we can know that the profound problems of the heart, (or soul), God is initiated by the Father.

The Son’

Just as God, who created man in His image, gave the human body, so God has chosen to reveal himself through his body.

This side of God first revealed in the Bible as “The face of Water” in Genesis 1:2. Jesus is also declared “water-face” in Revelation 1:15, and Psalm 29:3. I, John 5:7, reveals this personality of God as “the word. “

The word became human and manifested in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. (John 1:1-18) On the face of Jesus, God reaches out to sinful men. Only through Jesus Christ can a man have fulfillment and fellowship with God. (II Corinthians 4:3-6)

All that can be known or understood about God must be seen before Jesus Christ, in which he lives all the fullness of the Godhead physically. (Col. 2:6-9)

The Holy Spirit

The Father is the invisible soul of God. He planted God’s Will and love for his creations.

The Son, Jesus Christ, is the body of God and performs the will of the Father. He is a personality of God who physically creates the universe and who physically performs the will of the Father because in him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

Finally, we see that the Holy Spirit is the spirit of God. The Spirit of God is the personality that gives God’s life. He is the breath of life that gives life to the creation of God. (Genesis 2:7, John 20:21-22)

It is important to realize that the Holy Ghost, (or the spirit of God), can only be given by Jesus Christ. (Genesis 1:2, Disclosure 1:15)

The Holy Spirit will only move on the surface of the water, Jesus Christ. It is the Father who sent the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus. God’s Holy Spirit cannot convey in any other way. (John 14:23-26, John 15:26)

Just as we see, man, created in the image of God, is a Trinity with:

  • Soul
  • Body
  • Spirit

So we see God that:

  • Father, (the soul of God),
  • Son, Jesus Christ, (the body of God),
  • Holy Spirit, (the spirit of God),

Join in the perfect unity.

We must remember that God is much more than we know or think, but we can understand the things of the Lord that he chose to show to us through his word.