Day Two of God’s Creation

Have you ever wondered where God got the material to build his creation? The Bible gives many instructions about creation throughout the Bible if we search seriously.

The second day of creation reveals the third great division of creation. (Genesis 1:6-8) It is here that God takes a part of himself for his creation. (Remember how he calls one of his personalities “the face of the waters” in Genesis 1:2.) It is here that Jesus, who is the “face of the waters” (Revelation 1:15), takes part of himself for the creation. (Romans 11:36) Creation is not a series of constructive things, but a series of separations. God takes from himself and creates all things.

This separation was made possible by the creation of the horizon amidst the waters called Heaven. (Genesis 1:6-8) The Bible declares that God uses Heaven to separate the water that is above the water beneath it. Why is this necessary?

This division separates pure water from physical water. Heaven, or the universe as we know it, is an excellent barrier between man and God. This obstacle is not to alienate man from God; It was intended to protect humanity from the glory of God who ate everything. (Deut. 4:24, Heb. 12:29, I Timothy 6:14-16)

Separation and protection

The principle of separation and protection repeated billions of times per day on Earth. The principle of separation shown in cell division. Growth of living organisms is directly related to cell division. Cell division is required for bodies to continue the lifecycle.

The principle of separation and protection is seen in creation. Just as Heaven separates water above from water below, and protects us from the glory that consumes God, so the cell membrane separates and protects cells from the outside environment. Earth’s atmosphere separates the Earth from outer space and protects the Earth from harmful elements. A person’s skin separates internal organs from the environment and protects it from toxic substances. Separation and protection were seen in God’s creation.

It is also interesting to note that scientists in recent years have found that space, (or the sky as we know it), contains moisture. This certainly gives credibility to the creation story as described in the Bible.

Highest separation and protection measures

Finally, God showed the ultimate act and protection by sending his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. God separates us from our sins and protects us from the death of souls through the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and gives eternal life to all who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.