How to make a miracle

Do you believe in miracles? If so, then you are in tune with the NBC News Dateline program ‘which cites a Time Magazine poll that states 69% of Americans believe in miracles.

Webster defines miracles as extraordinary events that have special meaning. The root of the word miracle means beautiful. Moreover, when something fills us with wonder, we call it a miracle.

Miracles do not speak the language of your mind but your soul! Miracles don’t just happen to you. God may be the whole that provides miracles, but you create a space within you to receive it.

Many people do not realize that they can create their miracles! No one built the wonder himself. To harmonize with this ability, we must become aware of Unity in the Universe.

Every breath we take and every choice we make provides the thread that woven into this tapestry of life. Many of you feel miracles are happening out there … let’s separate those beliefs and admit that miracles are a gift given by God that you can quickly tap into.

To align yourself with this energy, you must firmly equip yourself with firm beliefs in the Power of Your Source. Developing full trust in God to always guide and protect you is the first step to embracing this gift or ability.

When you work at this level, your spiritual tap must be turned on at all times. At the first sign, a problem or crisis enters your mind and heart and states, “I need a miracle.” A ruling, not begging or bargaining, is the catalyst for invoking a spiritual demand that creates a miracle.

If you are looking for a supernatural one-of-kind event, then you lose the significance of the power available to those who dare to decide to accept miracles as part of their daily lives.
Start your day to claim miracles and hope to receive a miracle.

God values ​​when we claim our gifts without hesitation or fear. Taking this proactive attitude will harmonize your soul with the power of energy that is always available to us in the universe.

The most significant way to create a life-changing experience is with your willingness to participate in miracles for others. When we reach out to help those in need, the boomerang universe is a wonderful gift for us!

I learned this lesson when participating in the wonders of others. My trip stretched when I felt sadness from an old acquaintance who was upset because I had to buy a wheelchair for her husband. The woman is my hairdresser, and we have a strict service relationship. However, today, I realized something was wrong with him. Moreover, he must be gently examined to reveal to me the way of his life. This beautiful 40-year-old woman feels sad because she has to buy a wheelchair for her husband, who has Alzheimer’s. He had worked full time when he reduced his working hours to meet Medicare requirements. That benefit does not cover the special wheelchair needed by her husband. Suddenly when we talked, I heard myself offering to cover half of the% 245000 fees. My initial reaction was to be confused with myself for making an opening because I had to pay my bills. Walking home that night, I heard the word, “Trust,” very clearly.

The next day the journey began to appear … at lunch with a friend I mentioned the woman’s dilemma. The miracle process starts when my friend lunches write a check for% 24250 to contribute to the chair.

When I mention wheelchairs to friends and family, the amount needed quickly raised without fanfare in less than a week. I dropped the check at the salon with a note just asking, “has he prayed for a miracle?” When he called me that night on the phone, I knew intuitively that the person at the end who didn’t say anything had to be himself. Finally, when he could speak his voice full of tears, he asked, “Who are these people where did they get the money?” I explained that some checks came from my family and friends and even women. Everyone wants to contribute to her husband’s chair. Everyone donated received a handwritten note along with a picture of her husband in his new wheelchair.

The day after this, my company received the most significant single order in our 15-year history! I know that this synchronicity stems from my willingness to help the woman’s miracle.

Just call the power for your miracle to be experienced every day, open yourself to participate in miracles for others, and you will witness a spectacular tapestry of life unfold before your eyes.